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Commercial Snow Removal Kensington

Some may love winter, with its crisp air, snow, holiday cheer and tantalizing flavors. However, business owners and property managers aren’t so fond of winter especially when snow and ice make it difficult for them to run a business!  Do you happen to have a shop and fear that your customers will slip on the ice accumulated on the sidewalk? Do you run a delivery service but have troubles driving around your car fleet? Snow and ice management can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming if you don’t have professional equipment and specialized employees. Why lose clients and make unnecessary efforts when you can hire a professional snow removal company to take your worries away?

What Can We Do for You?

You can rely on our services all winter long, even during the roughest months. You can spend your time and resources growing your business and not being concerned with the weather.  Our snow and ice management program covers all aspects of a premium snow removal company.

  • Commercial property evaluation – the first thing we do is come down your property and assess it before winter strikes, before the first snow falls and way before ice becomes a serious issue. The assessment takes into consideration obstacles and hazards we need to be aware of when we come to remove snow and ice in the weeks to come. Such obstacles can be fire hydrants, curbs, heightened sidewalks, curves, ramps, electricity poles and so on. Marking all them and tailoring our future intervention depending on their presence ensures an efficient, timely and thorough snow and ice removal when time comes.
  • Equipment calibration – you know that too much salt can harm the asphalt and even your vehicles; this is why we use hi-tech equipment that measures dew points and asphalt temperatures, so we avoid the risk of over-salting. Tailoring and calibrating the way our machines work we make sure the groundwater supplies remain unaltered and structures /vehicles/the environment are kept safe.
  • Tracking and monitoring – snow can fall heavy and block human and car traffic for hours or even days. You might need immediate interventions on your commercial property to keep the business up and running. This is why we use GPS on all our vehicles and we monitor all our jobs around the city, to make sure you receive proper support in a timely fashion.
  • Weather tracking and constant updating – The best measure of intervention is prevention! This is why we track meteorological data with precision, knowing when and how to get ready and come to your aid. We constantly inform our clients regarding weather changes and snow/ice alerts, so they can also take the necessary precaution measures. Our equipment and specialized personnel are on-call 24/7 whenever winter decides to put us to work.

Don’t let winter take you by surprise and put your business in unnecessary risk.

Call us now and ask for a free consultation! Our team will assess the situation and offer you a tailored pricing plan for our snow/ice management strategy.  You shouldn’t have to worry about about your snow removal company being PRESENT once the snowflakes begin to fall!

Everything is risk-free, our services licensed and insured, our employees trained and insured, so you can enjoy the benefits of winter without experiencing it’s nasty side.