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Just like people, lawns and landscapes also need nourishment to grow and develop healthily. Spreading fertilizers on your property sometimes can do more harm than good as any fertilization plan has to take into account many factors:

  • The soil’s pH and fertilization needs – our company will perform a soil test to understand your soil’s chemical makeup to tailor proper fertilization programs.  It’s also the law!
  • The vegetation growing on your property – while turf needs certain types of fertilizers applied at certain times, flowers and trees need other substances too.
  • Lawn programs can’t be implemented regardless of the season – specialized companies know what the best times for adding nutrients to your soil are and when substances and chemicals should be kept as far away from your turf as possible.
  • Other factors to consider – We also see many miscellaneous factors that influence your lawn’s health and appearance.  Pets, foot traffic, dense shade, soil compaction, improper drainage, utility repair company messes, and the list goes on.  We address these concerns prior to fine tuning your lawn program.

Fertilization is a crucial step in any lawn maintenance program, and it is complementary to other lawn care services:

  • Flower bed maintenance: fertilization is a key aspect of maintaining all your flower/vegetation beds in full health.
  • Lawn care: a lush lawn needs to be properly nourished to keep its strength and vibrant green color.
  • Weed control: fertilization and weed control are parts of the same puzzle. The better the turf is nourished, the poorer the weeds’ access to the same nutrients, water, and sun rays. On the contrary, lawns that are inadequately nourished leave room for weeds to grow.

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Excellent service, Very professional

I can not be happier with how my patio looks, I bought my house a year ago and the grass was a total disaster weeds everywhere. Then a neighbor recommended Bams Landscaping and I’ll be forever thankful for the advice in a few months I can finally enjoy been outside.

Ana J.
Silver Spring , MD

A Positive Experience Every Time

I have nothing but good things to say about Bam’s Landscaping. I used them two times this week, as they mowed our grass and worked on pruning and weeding the yard. They also did some basic cleanup. Both times went very well and I was very pleased. This my second year using Bam’s Landscaping, and I am currently on their weekly schedule. It’s very convenient for us, and since they have my card info they just charge me and send me an invoice. It’s a seamless process and one thing I don’t have to worry about.

Rebecca N.
Adelphi, MD

Just like fertilization, weed control takes many steps, having to be adjusted to the soil’s makeup and needs. Our programs are designed to help your lawn fight against weeds all season long. We use pre and post-emergent treatments tailored to the weeds’ varieties, soil chemistry, types of grasses present, climacteric conditions, etc. The best weed control measures are usually the preventative ones, so staying ahead weed seed germination underground is key.

No matter if you have to deal with grassy weeds or broadleaf weeds, our specialists are here to tackle all weed-related problems! We are licensed and certified to use herbicides to ensure your lawn is free from weeds at all times. Our specialists can tell you what weeds are most likely to appear based on our research of your lawn.

No cookie-cutter programs for us!

We will work closely together with you to come up with a tailored fertilization program that will suit the needs of your soil and your specific lawn’s environment. We use safe control release fertilizers that feed the soil without endangering the micro ecosystem that develops on your property. BAMS practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management) which helps us to protect our environment, limit usage of unnecessary products, and successfully target and eliminate the invasive pests we are treating.  Moreover, we can consult with you regarding organic programs, especially if you grow edibles on your property.

Schedule an appointment and have our team make an assessment, providing you with the best fertilization and weed control solutions for your property!  Interested in obtaining a Free no-obligation quote, fill out our quick quote form here.


WATCH OUT! Homeowners are liable to some of the same regulations regarding applying fertilizers and herbicides.  Citations for improper applications or for applying at the wrong time of year can be issued by the state.  Find out more information about Maryland’s laws and regulations here.  Another great resource for homeowners in Maryland can be found at this website.

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