Fertilization & Weed Control

Just like people, lawns and landscapes also need nourishment to grow and develop healthily. But spreading fertilizers on your property sometimes can do more harm than good as any fertilization plan has to take into account several factors:

  • The soil’s pH and fertilization needs – our company can perform a soil test to understand your soil’s chemical makeup and nourishment needs to tailor proper fertilization programs.
  • The vegetation growing on your property – while turf needs certain types of fertilizers applied at certain times, flowers and trees need other substances to If you also cultivate vegetables or fruits in your garden, the fertilization program needs to be adjusted to boost their growth in a healthy and safe manner.
  • Fertilization programs can’t be implemented regardless of the season – specialized companies know what the best times for adding nutrients to your soil are and when substances and chemicals should be kept as far away from your turf as possible.

Our company will closely work together with you to come up with a tailored fertilization program that will suit the needs of your soil and the vegetation you tend to. We use safe and eco-friendly control release fertilizers that feed the soil without endangering the micro ecosystem that develops on your property. Moreover, we can consult you regarding organic fertilization and procedures, especially if you grow edibles or you want your children and pets to play safely on the lawn.

Fertilization is a crucial step in any lawn maintenance program, and it is complementary to other lawn care and landscaping services:

  • Flower bed maintenance: fertilization is a key aspect of maintaining all your flower/vegetation beds in full health.
  • Lawn care: a lush lawn needs to be properly nourished to keep its strength and vibrant green color.
  • Weed control: fertilization and weed control are parts of the same puzzle. The better the turf is nourished, the poorer the weeds’ access to the same nutrients, water, and sun rays. On the contrary, turfs that are inadequately nourished leave room for weeds to grow.

Annual Weed Control Programs

Just like fertilization, weed control takes many steps, having to be adjusted to the soil’s makeup and needs. Moreover, if you are concerned with the use of chemicals on your property, you can choose organic weed control and hybrid weed control. Our programs are designed to help your turf and vegetation fight against weeds all year long. We use pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments which we tailor depending on the weeds’ varieties, soil’s fertilization levels, and types of grasses you grow, climacteric conditions and so on.

No matter if you have to deal with grassy weeds or broadleaf weeds, our specialists are here to tackle all weed-related problems. We are licensed and certified to use fertilizers and herbicides to ensure your landscape is free from weeds at all times. Moreover, depending on the soil type, you own our specialists can tell you what weeds are more likely to grow yearly so you can know your enemy.

Schedule an appointment and have our team make an assessment, providing you with the best fertilization and weeding solutions for your property!