Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers have many questions and concerns when it comes to the care of their lawns, the services we offer, and how they are performed. From one-time services, to time estimates, and everything in between, here you will find answers to the most common questions that we receive.



Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer a wide range of Lawn Care services, though not all services are available in all areas. Fill out our Free Quote form and a representative will contact you to discuss your specific needs.

Basic Grounds Maintenance

  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Weeding
  • Trimming
  • Mulching

Customized Turf Programs

  • Soil Testing & Amendment
  • Seeding
  • Aeration
  • Consultations
  • Fertilization
  • Weed Control
  • Top Dressing

Other Lawn & Garden Services

  • Planting
  • Brush Removal
  • Small Scale Irrigation & Grading
  • Leaf Removal
  • Hardscapes

Special Services

  • Snow Removal & Plowing (Only Commercial and Large Residential Areas)
  • Gutter Cleaning



Q: How long will it take for you to come look at my property?

A: Our response time varies depending on the time of season, and ranges from 1 to 4 days to either perform a site visit, or schedule the initial walk-through. Many of our services can be estimated remotely and a quote can be provided the same day.



Q: When can you come out to meet me personally?

A: Many of our services can be accurately estimated via satellite measurements of your property, allowing us to deliver a quote without visiting your property. If you feel there are specific items that need closer inspection, or you need a walk-through done as soon as possible, feel free to Contact Us, or fill out our Free Quote form and note your concerns in the comments field. For fastest service, you may also call us at 240-447-5921 and a representative will be happy to discuss your needs.



Q: Can I speak to the owner or the estimator about the services I would like done to my lawn?

A: While the owner is not always available, you may call us at 240-447-5921 and one of our expert representatives will be happy to discuss your Lawn Care service needs. If you have information specifically for the owner, the representative will take down the information and ensure that it is delivered to him.



Q: What exact day will you come to service my lawn?

A: Once we have a credit card on file, the scheduling process begins and we will assign your property a “Target Day” for service.



Q: What is a “Target Day” exactly?

A: For most of our recurring maintenance services, we set a certain day of the week that we aim to complete that particular service. Many factors can delay our crews by a day or two throughout the season (weather, holidays, fleet or equipment issues.) On average, we hit our Target Days for maintenance service the majority of the time, or our promised completion date for non-recurring services.



Q: It was sunny and nice today. Why wasn’t my lawn mowed today?

A: If there was a weather delay earlier in the week, each subsequent service day is pushed one day ahead. If we receive multiple delays, we are sometimes forced to push all days ahead by multiple days, and work in order of priority until all properties are caught up. We have on rare occasions faced multiple rain delays and in these instances we work our crews overtime, as well as switch our install crews over to maintenance to help get scheduled services back on track faster.



Q: How often does my lawn need to be Aerated?

A: We recommend this service be performed at least once a year. For high maintenance lawns, and those that receive a lot of foot traffic, we may suggest that you have this service performed twice a year, as the extra foot traffic speeds up the compaction of the soil.



Q: Can I get Aeration performed just once?

A: We offer Aeration service as a standalone service, but it must be done during our target date ranges. We prefer that this service be part of our full turf program to best schedule this service and increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your lawn. This service is best paired with our Fall Over-Seeding service that is performed during the same visit.



Q: Can I have my lawn cut just once?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer One-Time Lawn Mowing service.



Q: What does the statement “All maintenance services auto-renew each season” mean?

A: Once you become a client with us, all of your Recurring Maintenance Services will auto-renew each season until you contact us to cancel your service. Those maintenance services include Spring Cleanups, Mulching, Mowing Services, Routine Weeding Services, Leaf Clearings, and all Turf Programs. This makes it easier for most individuals as they do not have to worry about signing up again and again, and can enjoy a well maintained property, year after year. Any installs or Non-Recurring Services will obviously not renew each new season.



Q: Can I receive a quote today on all of the lawn services I requested?

A: While it is possible to receive a quote the same day you request service, it is highly dependent on the services you are requesting and the location of your property. On average, quote requests are delivered within 1 to 4 days. In some instances, we may require a face-to-face meeting prior to the proposal being created which may also add a day or two.



Q: I have a small landscaping project that requires regrading & leveling of my front & back lawn. Is this something you can do?

A: This would depend on the location of the property and the scope of the project. More information would be necessary. Feel free to Contact Us and a representative will respond to discuss your needs. For a faster answer, you may call us at 240-447-5921.



Q: Do you snow plow individual residential areas?

A: We do not offer individual residential snow & ice management services. We do however offer these services to commercial properties and large residential areas. (Example: Apartment Complexes, Housing Editions, Private Gated Communities)



Q: Can I get a quote today on cleaning my gutters?

A: We do not offer gutter cleaning as a standalone service unless you are a current client with a full maintenance program.



Q: Why do I need to re-add my credit card information if the expiration date is all that needs to be updated?

A: We take the safety of your personal information seriously. For your security, the credit card information you give us is encrypted in our system. This means we can’t view or edit any part of the credit card information, keeping your information safe at all times. We understand it is an extra step to have to enter your information again, but this ensures your information is safe and secure.



Q: What times of the year do mowing services take place?

A: Mowing Services begin from Late March to Early April depending on the length of Winter, and run until Early to Middle October when the leaves begin to cover the turf grass. We will not exceed the total number of mowing services per season.



Q: When was my last mowing service performed?

A: Current clients can access their service schedule through our online client portal. Many answers to common service or billing questions can be found here.



Q: What areas do you serve?

A: We have a small service area within the cities listed below. Service availability is dependent on the specific services you are requesting.

We service the MD area, but specifically:

  • Kensington
  • Bethesda
  • North Bethesda
  • Silver Spring
  • Rockville
  • Washington
  • Chevy Chase
  • Garrett Park

We DO NOT service the following areas (Yet!)

  • VA (Any cities or counties in the state of VA)
  • DC
  • Gaithersburg
  • Derwood
  • Germantown
  • Frederick

If you are unsure if we service your area, feel free to Contact Us online or call us at 240-447-5921.



Q: Do you do one-time leaf blowing?

A: Yes, but it’s highly dependent on our availability at the time of request, and charged at a premium price. This service is usually discounted as a part of our maintenance programs, so a one-time leaf blowing service does not receive this discount. We would also require an additional haul-away fee as the service would be scheduled later in the season after street cleanups have been performed. Priority in scheduling is always given to our clients that are on a yearly recurring leaf program.



Q: How long has BAMS Landscaping been in service?

A: The owner unofficially started the company in 2005 while attending college and during continued education in the field of real estate. He officially began focusing on the company full time in 2013 and we have been going strong ever since.



Q: Is there any way that a crew can come out today and service my requests?

A: This depends on the time of year and the type of service requested. During the Spring & Fall seasons, we are very busy and have our service calls lined up on a tight schedule that does not allow for much deviation. It is highly unlikely that we can provide same-day services during these seasons, even for current clients. If you have a special request, feel free to Contact Us or call us at 240-447-5921 and a representative will be able to check our schedule and discuss your needs.



Q: What does the Spring Clean-Up service consist of?

A: Our Spring Clean-Up service includes the following:

  • Blowing out the beds and property in general
  • Light Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Mowing
  • Trimming of Bushes & Shrubs
  • Hauling away excess leaves, clippings, and debris to the dump and the associated dump fees



Q: Can I provide my own mulch?

A: You may provide your own mulch, but we strongly recommend that you allow us to use our high quality mulch. It will most likely cost you less than any store bought mulch and it will have a consistent look throughout your property. Store bought mulch can also contain weed seeds (and even trash), if it is not properly screened and heated prior to resale.



Q: Do you remove branches from trees? Do you remove trees?

A: We do not perform any tree work that is over 12 foot in height. We have a great list of recommended arborists that we work with on a consistent basis that we would be happy to share.



Q: Can you replant bushes or shrubs?

A: We can, with a minimum job cost of $1000. We are a Landscape Maintenance Company and specialize in routine and recurring services. This service could be combined with other services to reach our yearly minimum job cost.



Q: Can you redo my entire turf and/or install new grass?

A: We offer both seeding and sod installation services. We can recommend the best lawn renovations for you based on your lawn’s layout, current condition, and your budget. Call us at 240-447-5921 to discuss your specific needs, or simply fill out our Free Quote form and a representative will contact you.



Q: What kind of hardscaping do you offer?

A: We have a partner company that we work with to complete patios, walkways, outdoor living spaces, retaining walls, steps and general hardscape design.



Q: What is the purpose of a Soil Test?

A: The purpose of a Soil Test is to give us a blueprint of exactly what your lawn will need to achieve the best results in the shortest time frame possible. The composition of the soil is the foundation of everything we do, and is the first step to improving your lawn. The soil test reveals whether your lawn is lacking in nutrients or not, has excessive thatch, is overly compacted and needs aeration, and may even reveal possible pest problems. It is also required by law before we begin any treatments or applications. We offer this as a standalone service (For the Do-It-Yourself lawn owners out there who want to improve your lawn on your own) or as part of our turf programs.



Q: What does BAM’s stand for?

A: These are the initials of the owner, Brett Andrew McCurdy.



Q: How many crew members do you have on a single Lawn Care crew?

A: Our Lawn Care crews are typically made up of 2 trained professionals.



Q: How many crew members do you have on a single Landscape crew?

A: Our Landscape crews are typically made up of 2 to 4 trained professionals.



Q: Will you ever service Town Homes?

A: In order for our pricing to be reasonable for Town Home service, we would need to perform services for multiple Town Homes that are adjacent to each other OR to have a contract to service the entire Town Home Complex.



Q: Why don’t you bag clippings?

A: We do not bag clippings because:

  • It’s better for the lawn to let the clippings naturally decompose into the soil. Removing the clippings removes valuable nutrients from the lawn. The clippings are basically all nitrogen and water, so you are effectively watering and fertilizing the lawn with each cut.
  • A separate charge would need to be billed to haul away the clippings.
  • It’s much better for the environment and frees up resources at the county dump.



Q: Can you perform a trial run? Will you service my lawn and then let me choose what services I wish to pay for?

A: No, we do not perform trial runs for any of our services. If you are on the fence about signing up, you may view our many happy customers’ testimonials under our Client Reviews as well as our 5-Star Ratings on any one of the numerous online review sites. If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to Contact Us, and a representative will be glad to discuss your needs and concerns.



Q: Do you have recommendations for Non-Landscape related Home Services?

A: We have an extensive list of vetted contractors and partner companies that we have involvement in, or have worked with over many years. Depending on the work needed, we can find a good solution to anything we may not be able to directly help with, both inside and outside of your home. Feel free to Contact Us with your specific questions and needs.



Q: How do you know what Seed to use for Over Seeding?

A: The Seed we use is MD Certified Seed which is the best for our region that has been tested, not the generic over the counter seed. We select the best blends based on your individual property’s conditions, such as the amount of sun the lawn receives, the amount of traffic it endures, and so on.



Q: Is it possible to have my lawn mowed during or after I receive a Fall Clean-Up?

A: Yes!



Q: Do you offer Stump Grinding services?

A: We do not currently offer this service, nor any other large tree work. We have a great list of vetted tree companies and individual armorists that we maintain to refer for any tree work you may need. Please Contact Us for more information.



Q: What is your set rate for Leaf Clean-Up, Mowing, Trimming of Shrubs, Etc.

A: “A Leaf Clean-Up on a Beach would be different than a Leaf Clean-Up in a Forest” – There is no set rate or price for any of the services that we offer. Every property is unique and therefore must be priced on an individual basis. We may directly offer you services on an hourly basis, but this is specific to one individual property and the hourly rate would be based on an assessment of that property and the service in question.



Q: When will you be in the Gaithersburg area?

A: We are still a fairly small company, but we are growing rapidly with plans to expand our service area outwards as we grow our team. As such, we do not have a definite time frame as to when we will service any specific new areas.



Q: How long will it take to perform Fall Clean-Up services on my property.

A: This depends on the property size and the scope of the project. Once we have a chance to evaluate your property, we may be able to deliver a time estimate.



Q: Do you perform Leaf Clean-Ups if it has been snowing?

A: We perform Leaf Clean-Ups throughout the year, as long as the ground is not frozen or too wet to blow and haul away the leaves.



Q: Will you clean my gutters in the rain?

A: No, we will not clean gutters during rain.



Q: Can I schedule a walk through for the services I need?

A: Yes! We would be happy to setup a meeting to discuss various services and service options, prior to quoting the services for you.



Q: When do you start the Fall Clean-Ups?

A: We start our Fall Clean-Up Services in early September, and wrap up in early Winter. We often perform Fall Clean-Up service after the county pickups, for anyone who may have missed the pickup and needs a complete haul away.



Q: Can I have time to think about the quote you have given me? How long is the quoted amount valid?

A: Of course! We are a no-pressure company and want you to be comfortable with your decision to select us as your service provider. There is an expiration date on each quote we deliver that will tell you exactly when the quoted rate expires, which is normally about 1 month from the date of the quote.



Q: Why don’t you have a contract to secure your clients?

A: We do not require our clients to sign contracts because:

  • Contracts create unnecessary paperwork for both parties.
  • Our clients trust us and we strive to build strong long-term relationships.
  • We are properly licensed, insured, and professionally trained.
  • We have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee in case you are ever unhappy with our services.



Q: Why is a weekly lawn mowing more beneficial for my lawn than a bi-weekly mowing?

A: Mowing is done for more than just appearance and there are several reasons a frequent mowing is one of the most effective ways of improving a lawn. Lawns that are mowed regularly have a greater tolerance to heat and drought, and are less susceptible to weeds and pest problems. No more than one third of the grass should be cut or removed during a single mowing, so letting the lawn grow for two weeks, and then cutting it, means it can’t be cut as short without negatively impacting the lawn. Weekly mowing also prevents thatch from growing excessively, and promotes a horizontal growth behavior that helps build turf density.



Q: How do you bill your clients?

A: We are a Credit Card Only company for residential services. We charge only after services have been completed and credit cards are charged anywhere from 1 day, and up to 30 days after services have been completed. However, you may prepay by Check if you prefer as well.



Q: I received an estimate, but I have a question regarding the estimate price. Do I pay the full about, or pay as I go?

A: If you have any questions concerning your estimate, please Contact Us and a representative will be glad to address any concerns you may have.



Q: Is it possible to have my grass cut shorter than it already is?

A: Yes!

  • Though it will be a premium price to have it Push Mowed, as push mowers can be set lower, but it will take us longer to perform the service.
  • We abide by UMD Agriculture recommendations for cutting height for certain grass species to achieve the best turf grass health. We would NOT recommend cutting at any lengths different than we currently cut at.



Q: How often will BAM’s service personnel visit our property?

A: This depends on the type of services or the maintenance programs you have signed up for.



Q: Is there any way that I could receive one more mowing without Leaf Clean-Up?

A: If the leaves are covering the lawn, or would cause additional labor time, we will need to perform a Leaf Clean-Up prior to mowing service, or charge hourly to account for moving the leaves off the lawn, and then mowing.



Q: Can you perform Snow Removal on my property? I am aware that you do not do residential property, but I was hoping for an exception?

A: Unfortunately, We DO NOT currently perform Residential Snow Removal, and are unable to make exceptions due to technical limitations.



Q: Will you be able to waive the haul away fee due to the fact that we missed the county pickup?

A: We must recoup all costs associated with the services we are performing, so we must charge a haul away fee if it is needed. The county collection crews do not always stick to their posted schedules, nor do they always perform the promised amount of pickups during the Fall. We can’t guarantee that all of our clients will have their leaf clearings timed perfectly with the country crews because of this.



Q: I was unaware that I was scheduled for service this year. I did not sign up for anything and I am wondering why I had service performed on my property?

A: During the Sign Up stage, we disclose on all of our estimates for recurring services, that our services WILL auto-renew each season unless cancelled. This is for the convenience of all of our clients who expect the same great service to start again each year without delay. You are welcome to cancel your recurring services at any time.



Q: How much do you charge for Lawn Mowing?

A: The pricing of all of our services is based on an estimate of your individual property. Our Mowing prices are based off the measurements of your property’s turf grass area, the property’s proximity in relation to our central operating location, and the amount of clients we have on your street, or in your neighborhood. The prices of individual services may also be lower if you purchase a service package or recurring services.



Q: How can I keep track of the crews that visit my property?

A: We offer automated email and/or text notifications for upcoming service calls, as well as an online client portal which tracks service dates, invoices, and other similar topics. All of the information you want or need is easily accessible via our online client portal.



Q: Can I pay by Check just this one time?

A: You may prepay for all Yearly Services by Check, but unfortunately we can’t accept checks for individual services.



Q: Can I make Half Payments?

A: We do not currently offer installment plans or financing options for our services. Payment is due upon completion of the services.



Q: Can you perform just the Mulching if I have already done the Clean Up myself?

A: No. We require our teams to perform the Clean Up if you have signed up for a Mulching service.



Don’t see your question listed here?

You are always welcome to Contact Us with your questions or concerns and an expert representative will be happy to discuss your needs. For fastest service, call us today at 240-447-5921!