Gutter Cleaning Kensington

Cleaning the gutters of your house is oftentimes an overlooked task homeowners rarely think about, being busy with other more pressing home repairs or refurbishing. In spring and fall, when gutter cleaning should occur, homeowners focus their attention on their lawns, landscapes, gardens and interior design projects, forgetting that the banal gutters – if left unattended – can literally ruin their houses.

What Is the Purpose of Gutters?

Simply put, they help rain water be diverted away from your house. As you know, moisture is a terrible enemy to all buildings. If the gutters are left unclean, cluttered or filled with leaves, mud, debris, and dirt, they stop doing their job. In this case, the accumulated water doesn’t stay away from your walls and windows anymore but infiltrates in the structure. Mold and mildew are the least of your problems in this case, as the water can even reach the foundation of your house, damaging it.

Gutter Cleaning Kensington

Why Is It Important to Always Keep Your Gutters Clean?

Gutter cleaning NeededIt goes without saying – having clean gutters means having a strong and solid home. In case the water infiltrates walls, window frames or the basement (and hence the foundation), cracks, tears and problems soon ensue. This means thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Moreover, a water-damaged house is a perfect environment for mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria and pests to thrive. Many such threats love a humid environment, and they will not waste time in showing up and taking over the house, endangering your health.

What Are Your Advantages if You Work with Us?

  • Our specialists can come over and assess the situation – gutter cleaning services should take place at least two times a year if not more often.
  • We work with trailer mounted equipment, allowing us to reach the highest roof areas and clean your gutters in perfect safety.
  • We work only with licensed and insured professionals, so you are completely free of any risk.
  • You will always be in control of everything that happens: we offer free estimates and upfront prices
  • We will work out a schedule around your own schedule – everything is made to be convenient and comfortable for you.
  • Our team is always punctual and finishes the job in due time, so we don’t interfere with your program.
  • Each and every service we provide is covered by a risk-free guarantee: if you don’t like the way we did our job or you find something we missed, we will redo the job until you are 100% satisfied or offer you a discount/refund depending on the case.

Don’t waste time and effort cleaning your own gutters risking your life! And never forget to clean them again, jeopardizing your house and your family’s well-being!

Call us now, ask for a free quote and have our specialists take care of everything for you!  Receive a free quote here.