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How to Care for Your Roses in Summer: Our Lawn Care Pros’ Recommendations

Summer is the time of the roses – these lush, fragrant and gorgeous flowers have the time of their life these months, charming you with their bright bold colors, their hypnotizing scents and their surreal beauty. But the scorching summer months in your area may also negatively impact your roses, together with pests and specific diseases, all leading to incommensurable damages. Today, our lawn care experts, together with their landscaping colleagues came up with a short guideline of summer roses’ care for you to take into consideration. Preserve your roses, keep them healthy and safe and enjoy a fragrant, colored and dreamy summer on your property! Continue reading

Lawn Care Basics That Homeowners Must Know

You’ve been eyeing your neighbor’s lush green lawn for the longest time, and been wondering why your lawn is not as good as theirs. Achieving a perfectly manicured lawn is not an impossible task but neither is it a simple feat. It would require a great deal of your time, effort and money. If you’re ready to commit to this task, then here are some of the things that you need to know.
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BAM’s Landscaping Launches New Website to Improve Our Customer Service

BAM’s Landscaping has been offering lawn care and landscaping services at affordable prices to our community for a long time now, and if we have learned anything, it’s that excellent customer service is just as important as the lawn care, landscaping and maintenance services we offer. BAM’s Landscaping goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are extremely happy with our work, and now we are making it even easier to find and request the services you may need.
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