Lawn Maintenance Kensington

Basic Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is a never-ending activity for the responsible homeowner who wants a lush and thriving property all year long. BAM’S Landscaping is a company that understands your need, offering tailored and individualized lawn maintenance programs to suit your wishes and the property’s size, soil composition and landscape’s potential. Our lawn maintenance focuses on four main activities which can be performed regularly or seasonally.

Lawn Mowing

While lawn mowing can be a fun and relaxing weekend activity, we understand you may not have the time and energy to mow the lawn when it is needed. Our specialists will first evaluate the situation, assess the grass varieties growing on your property and factor in the climacteric conditions of your area.

Depending on all these aspects, they will custom-make a mowing program, heightening and lowering the mower’s blades when needed and treating each turf variety to suit its mowing needs and restrictions. We know how to mow when it’s hot or cold outside when it rains or not and when weeds or pests threaten to invade your territory. Don’t ever worry about mowing, as our specialists know exactly what to do when to do it and how to do it.


This is a rather difficult task that needs proper equipment and skills, as not all areas are easy to reach and tailor at all times. While edging can be an overlooked task, it is very important to preserve the looks and the health of your landscape, improving the property’s curb appeal and offering it a look to be envied for. Our tools and equipment, put in the right hands, are able to completely revamp your landscape when time comes, transforming it into a pristine, neat and tidy source of amazement.


Pulling weeds and using herbicides and other chemical treatments can be strenuous jobs, especially if you are a busy person not having enough time and energy to cover all needs of a lawn and landscape. Our weeding program can span all year long as we use pre-emergent, post-emergent treatments that we tailor depending on the soil’s chemical makeup and the turf species.

Our weeding programs are eco-friendly, and they don’t harm the vegetation, crops, soil, grasses or water. Moreover, we know how much you care about the health of your loved ones, so our weeding treatments are safe for pets, children and the micro-ecosystem thriving on your property altogether.


This seasonal activity ensures you can constantly enjoy a neat, manicured and thriving landscape. Our trimming services cover bushes and shrubs, hedges, trees and perennial vines. Trimming is an important part of proper landscaping as it helps plants not only look neat and beautiful but boosting their health and their developmental potential.

Our specialists are trained in professional landscaping and horticulture, knowing how to trim the vegetation, so it stays healthy and thrives without much effort. Trimming is also a rather difficult task, as you need to keep attention to the weather conditions, vegetation species, soil nourishment levels, available water and so on.

Don’t ever worry about lawn maintenance again! Give us a call, ask for a free estimate here, put us to the test and take pride in the most beautiful property in the neighborhood!

Full Lawn Treatment Programs

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