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There is no greater pleasure and pride for a homeowner than enjoying a lush, colorful, vibrant and picture-perfect property landscape. As soon as spring arrives, all seasoned or beginner gardeners do their best to revamp their yards and gardens with the help of new flowers and plants. But the best results are always achieved by professional landscape architects, horticulture specialists and experienced landscape managers. If you want to have the most beautiful and healthiest landscape in the neighborhood, then don’t waste any more time and call our company today!

What Can We Do for You in Terms of Mulching?

Mulching flower beds, trees’ roots areas, and vegetation beds is extremely important from both an aesthetic point of view and a functional one.

  • Mulch helps the soil stay cool during heat months, nourishing it and protecting it from weeds and pest attacks.
  • Mulch can be organic or inorganic, made of moist, grassier materials or drier materials. Moister mulch is used as natural fertilizer, as it gets absorbed faster into the soil, feeding the roots. Drier mulch (both organic and inorganic) is used more for aesthetic purposes, also acting as a barrier between your plants and weeds or pests.

We are specialized horticulturists who can install all types of mulch on your property, giving it a neat, clean and tidy look, adding thus color, nourishment, protection and beauty to all flower beds, vegetable gardens, and trees.

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Fast, Efficient, Affordable

I have been using Bam’s Landscaping and their lawnmowing services for a little over a year now, and they are really fast, very efficient, and affordable.

Their workers come out every two weeks and they are really nice! I plan to continue using their services.

Elizabeth H.
Kensington, MD

Excellent Service, Highly Recommend!

Bam’s Landscaping did a great job for us! This was our first time using their services. We found them on the internet. Everything was seamless from start to finish.

They showed up on time and they were respectful of our property.

I would absolutely recommend using Bam’s Landscaping!

Katrina L.
Silver Spring, MD

What Can We Do for You in Terms of Seasonal Color?

We can design and redesign your landscape year-round, as our expert landscapists and horticulturists can introduce seasonally, annual and perennial plants to your yard and garden to enhance its looks. We pick only the best plants according to the existing design, soil type, and shadowy vs. sunny areas, color scheme, and climacteric conditions. We use science and art to turn your landscape into a magical world of color, fragrance, texture, depth and movement, playing with contrasts, landscape grading, and curves. This is what we offer our clients:

  • Two rounds of landscape color treatment in spring and fall, respectively, in a basic service package.
  • Four rounds of landscape color revamping: twice in spring and twice in fall, at the beginning and end of each of the two seasons, in an advanced service package.
  • Six rounds of landscape color treatment in early and late spring, mid and late summer, mid-fall and winter, in a premium service package.

Introducing new flowers and plants and adding mulch in a professional manner are not easy tasks, even if you are an experienced gardener. Such activities need to take into account multiple factors including soil chemical makeup, the proximity of other plants and flowers (some may work in harmony as companion plants, others can harm each other), weather, need of resources (water and nutrients), vulnerability to pests and weeds, lifespan and special care needs (some flowers need to be taken inside the house in winter).

Why experiment with color treatments and mulching when you can have everything served on a silver platter by our experienced professionals? Try us out today completely risk-free! We offer free quotes, honest up-front prices, satisfaction guarantees, tailored pricing plans and a unique vision of each landscape to meet and exceed your expectations!

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