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Seeding & Aeration

Aeration and Seeding represent key activities in Lawn Care that ensures a healthy and thriving lawn all year long. Usually, aeration and seeding are performed in spring, but if you skip them, you can also perform them in early fall.

Soil core aeration is a process through which you make a small and deep hole into the ground with the help of an aerator and its tine. The tines help you pull out small portions of your turf called cores. The core is made out of three layers: the turf, the thatch beneath and the soil.


Whether you do it in spring or fall, aeration has the purpose of de-compacting the soil, letting oxygen, sun rays, water and nutrients reach deep down to the turf roots. Aeration helps with the dethatching process, letting the soil breathe, dry and regain its shape. In case the soil is cluttered and presents patches of clay aeration also helps it drain better. Aeration also allows the roots to grow – and we all know that the stronger they develop, the more resilient they will get in the face of adverse climacteric conditions, weeds or pests.


In case you observe barren patches of turf in spring or fall, you should know you need to overseed – meaning to add turf seeds in thin or bare lawn areas to ensure a thick and strong turf growing uniformly and neatly. Seeding is also used to introduce newer and stronger grass varieties on your lawn. Your existing turf will benefit from the added improved seeds.

While aeration and overseeding seem to be simple procedures, the activities occurring after them need to be implemented carefully. Our company can help you manage your turf and landscape in full accordance with the lawn’s needs. Watering seeded lawns and timing the initial mowing is both an art and a science (yes, people do study turfgrass).  Our specialists can implement the best customized program so you don’t waste effort, time, and money.

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Quick and easy to work with!

I used Bams Landscaping for the first time when I had a short-term request, and they were able to fulfill it very quickly. They did a good, thorough job, and they were easy to work with. The pricing was okay. I’m from a different area, so to me, it felt a little bit high. But it was probably close to market rates.

Michael W.
Bethesda, MD

Prompt and never inconvenient

I use Bams Landscaping to do leaf removal. Brett is fabulous. We used them at our rental house, and now we use them at the house we bought. Every time we email them, they respond right away. They are able to itemize things and break them down for us, so I know how much each service costs. They were prompt, and they never inconvenienced me at all. I didn’t even know they were there.

Cami W.
Chevy Chase , MD

Tips to Remember After You Seeded

Many homeowners don’t know when and how to water the lawn and when to mow newly overseeded lawns. Here are some recommendations you need to pay attention to:

  • Keep at least ¼ of the top soil layer moist at all times to allow the seedlings to pick out from the aeration holes.
  • Water the freshly overseeded areas at least once or twice a day, depending on the turf species you introduced the weather conditions in your area and your soil’s needs for hydration.  Best time for watering is in the morning!
  • Try to keep pedestrians and paws away from the seeded areas for a few weeks until the new grasses reach their recommended mowing heights. Children and pets should not step foot in these areas and even you should be careful about foot traffic when you water.
  • Once the lawn reaches a mowable height, stagger off the waterings to once a week but really SOAK the ground (1″ water) to promote the roots to grow deeper than a quicker watering

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