BAM´s Landscaping offers a wide range of lawn care, landscaping and property maintenance services tailored to suit your needs and wishes. You don’t have to hire multiple contractors to perform multiple tasks, as our trained specialists can manage your property A to Z, covering all the basics and more!

Lawn Maintenance

Such services are available year-round and include lawn mowing, edging, trimming and weeding, so your property looks neat, tidy and clean no matter the season. We are fully prepared to treat each lawn, front yard, and garden in a personalized manner, tailoring an appropriate lawn maintenance plan depending on the situation.

Aeration and Seeding

Aeration and seeding are mandatory tasks that every homeowner should be aware of. These are seasonal activities which boost your soil and vegetation’s health and thriving potential. We aerate your soil with proper equipment without damaging the lawn and seed the turf areas so they can look like veritable golf courses.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Our company offers complete fertilization and weed control programs to make sure weeds don’t get to thrive at the expense of turf, flowers or trees. Our pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments are tailored to suit the chemical makeup of your soil, without endangering the crops or the environment. A well-nourished soil, enhanced with proper fertilizers will be able to resist better to weeds or pests as well.

Sprinklers, Irrigation and Grading

Watering the lawn and landscape, especially if you own a sizeable property, is time and resources consuming. Our landscape irrigation installation services ensure you will have a well-watered lawn without wasting a drop of water. The smart sprinklers and the state-of-the-art irrigation installation are eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasant, significantly improving your property’s curb appeal and sustaining your sparkling green lawn and landscape.

Spring and Fall Clean-Ups

These seasonal activities take a lot of time and effort as there are dozens of tasks to be completed. Our team can handle them with the help of hi-tech equipment and expert professionals. Either we have to redefine the turf borders in spring or remove messy annuals in autumn you can rely on us all year long.

Commercial Snow Removing & Plowing

Maintain a flourishing business during winter and keep your staff and customers safe from icy surfaces or slippery pathways and driveways. Our snow removing and plowing services allow you to focus on your business and not weather conditions or unsafe methods of removing snow and ice.

Gutter Cleaning

A rather overlooked task is to have and maintain clean gutters throughout the year.  Clogged gutters and poorly drained water can lead to severe damages to the house foundation. It may lead to concrete cracking, water in your basement, mold, and shifting structures.  Water flow is the one thing we see often that is a silent but costly home destroyer (for lack of a better word).  Don’t worry about heights and cleaning methods. We have the proper equipment, machines, and experts to regularly clean your gutters.

Mulch and Seasonal Color

Mulching is an essential task all homeowners should be aware of for the sake of their property’s health and looks. Seasonal color ensures the beauty of your property all year long, as we add color, contrast and depth to your landscape with the help of vegetation.

Contact us today and ask for a free estimate! Our experts will make an assessment and come up with maintenance strategies to keep your lawn healthy and lush all year long!