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A healthy and thriving lawn and landscape is directly dependent on your watering schedule and skills. Just like mowing, watering also needs to follow a pre-set plan and follow some rules in order to be efficient and sustainable. But watering the turf and the plants on a daily basis (depending on certain circumstances) or a weekly basis (depending on others) may be tiring and time consuming. On the other hand, traditional hose watering is proved to waste unnecessary quantities of water throughout the year, thus burdening you with equally unnecessary bills.

Our company is specialized in landscape grading, landscape irrigation installations and sprinklers’ repairs and maintenance. If you believe an investment in irrigation is expensive, we can tell you that our company offers tailored pricing plans and suits all budgets. Moreover, what many homeowners fail to understand is that an irrigation system pays for itself quite soon in saved water bills.

What Can We Do For Your Property Irrigation-Wise?

If you make an appointment, we will come down your property and assess its irrigation needs depending on the following factors:

  • Size of the lawn/landscape
  • Type of the lawn/landscape
  • Shape of the lawn/landscape
  • Shady areas vs. sunny areas
  • Water drainage
  • Soil’s pH and chemical makeup
  • Climacteric conditions of your area

After such an assessment is completed, we will install a smart, state of the art irrigation system that will water your entire property depending on its needs. The sprinklers can be programmed to water the lawn early in the morning with the right quantity of water without you making any efforts in this regard. Trees can be watered in a different manner, depending on their needs. Some plants, flowers, and even vegetables can be watered in a slow-release, deep-root hydration program that ensures their proper growth.

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Reliable and cost effective

I like Bam’s Landscaping because of pricing and reliability. I called them for lawn mowing and it’s my second season using them. I think their landscapers/gardeners are a little above average.

Nikki R.
Silver Spring, MD

Really good experience.

We’ve had a really good experience with Bams Landscaping. They’ve only performed a few services so far, but the guys are friendly and their work is good.

Jennifer A.
Montgomery County, MD

Why Is It Important to Install Irrigation Systems on Your Property?

Irrigation systems and sprinklers don’t only water your lawn and garden depending on the soil and grasses’ needs, weather conditions, season and vegetation types, but they also represent integrated parts of your landscape design. Irrigation systems are known to increase a property’s curb appeal in case you consider putting the house on the market and boosting its real estate value with thousands of dollars.

Together with proper landscape grading, irrigation systems ensure everything green on your property thrives at its maximum potential. Smart watering (with programmable sprinklers and hi-tech sensors) means a smart conservation of resources and money. You can offer your vegetation, grasses and plants the exact quantity of water they need while being ecologically aware and savvy in the same time.

Another practical feature of irrigation systems is that they can do your job in your absence. You don’t have to worry about taking a summer vacation or a longer trip and finding your lawn dried to the ground upon your return.

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