Why should a property manager or business owner hire a snow removal company?

Why should a property manager or business owner hire a snow removal company?

Snow and Ice management


Winter just doesn’t bring in the cold weather; it also brings in winter storms resulting in snow and ice. While snow transforms the city into a winter wonderland and making it picture-perfect, it is a potential hazard for business owners and property managers alike.

If you own a business or manage residential property in Montgomery County, any damage or injury caused by snow or ice on your premises is your usually your responsibility in most cases. As a business owner or a property manager, snow or ice build-up translates into potential hazards with very costly liabilities.  To reduce if not eliminate these additional risks, it would be beneficial to hire a snow removal service.


Winter is coming…


Here are the benefits of hiring a professional snow removal services for a safe winter season:



  • Limiting the Slip and Fall liabilities

Kensington MD receives an average of 15 inches of snowfall a year. Ice and snow will build up during peak winters and snowstorms. Slip and fall liabilities and automobile accidents resulting because of snow and ice will be on a rise when the snow piles. Property managers and business owners are legally liable for ensuring the safety of their customers and residents. To avoid lawsuits related to winter injuries and to limit slip and fall liability, it is advisable to hire a professional snow removal service. Professional snow removal will keep your property safe even in the dead of winter.

  • Customer Comfort

With winter also comes the festive season. Festive season equals lots and lots of shopping. If you are a store owner, you would want your customers to feel comfortable when they visit you. Snow-covered parking lot, ice on the shop steps, and wet pavements around your shop will discourage shoppers from visiting your shop. No consumer would want to risk ending up on the floor. As a business owner, you are suffering a lot of losses in the peak buying season if your premises aren’t clean of slippery surfaces. It makes excellent business sense to hire a professional snow removal service and make the most of the shopping season.

  • Immediate Results

An experienced snow removal service will utilize advance weather tracking features to predict storms and deploy resources before the situation becomes worst. Hiring a professional snow removal service will help the property manager stand out because of the prompt response and the quick turnaround time. Responsible property managers can keep the property safe and reduce costs and hassles by keeping it free of slippery surfaces with the help of a professional snow removal company.

  • Equipment and Pricing

As a property manager or a commercial space owner, undertaking the snow removal on your own can be extremely expensive. Snow removal requires specialized equipment and trained staff to operate them. Taking this exercise would be a costly affair. Thus it is pragmatic that they hire a dedicated snow removal service for the property. Professional snow removal services in Kensington MD provide very price effective, lucrative contracts for the upkeep of the property. In addition to being financially viable, snow removal companies will also have skilled staff to operate the equipment.

  • Peace of mind

If you manage a property it’s a sure bet that you have woken up at night wondering if you or your customers will be able to access your business in the snow or possible slip on some ice.  With a company covering your snow emergencies, you can wake up the morning after a snowstorm assured that the property will be accessible and safe. Professional snow removal services in Kensington MD are equipped and prepared to keep your property safe and running even during the hardest of winter. Hiring a snow removal company will give you the assurance that your property will be secure irrespective of the weather.

To ensure that residents and customers enjoy a safe winter, hiring a professional snow removal company is a must for property managers and business owners during winter months. BAM’s Landscaping provides fast and efficient snow removal services in Kensington MD. Contact us now on  240-447-5921 to get a free quote. Our team will evaluate your property and give you the best solution for your professional snow removal needs for this upcoming winter season.